Saturday, August 20, 2016

Last Day of Kindergarten

Right after this picture, Sam burst into tears.   What a big day and a great year!
We will miss Dojo points and Mrs. Klemonsky. 

Sam's Birthday Party

I would have NEVER imagined a birthday party in June would be too cold and windy.  It was Star Wars/pool noodle themed.  I had to scratch a bunch of balloon games.  At one point, I brought the balloons out and they were blowing everywhere.  Kids were running in the street chasing after them!  It was total chaos.  The wind did work for the bubbles.  The kids still seamed to have a good time.  
Sam is such a great kid.  I love his awesome sense of humor and how he is a great big brother.
Happy Birthday to our Sam. 

The party was during Tessa's nap time.
Emi Grace

BB-8 cake and Obi-Wan Kabob-ies

We let Tessa sleep in the trunk of the van.  She missed the whole party.

Love to READ part 2

Love to READ

Bike accident

Sam was such a tough kiddo.  He got that goose egg even with
wearing his helmet.  I guess we need to make sure it is a little more secure.

Hats for Africa

I found these hats at Costco for Mimzy and Pop Pop. 
I am looking forward to a lot of pictures of my 
parents wearing these hats in Africa.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Field Trip to Children's Museum

Ryan took the day off from work to be a chaperone for Sam's field trip.

Madaline, Sam, Cade, TJ