Saturday, July 28, 2018


Sam's classmates

Sam's best friends, Isaiah and Allen

 Sam made Luke a trophy for being the best brother EVER

 On the drive to the Kindergarten, I get to see a dementor.  Can you find it? 

The beautiful flowers across the street from our home.

Lukey had his FIRST slumber party with his Kindergarten class.

Sloane and Luke's last day of Kindergarten

Our trip to Mainz
Outside the Gutenberg Museum
Learning about the first printing press



Poor Sam threw up in the Gutenberg Museum.  We fed him some ice cream, which he promptly threw up outside of McDonald's.  Here he is cooling down and being a trooper only to throw up some more on the drive home.  Poor guy.  I remembered the trip that my dad and I went on at age 10 to Toulouse France to see his mission sites where I rode in the hot train going backwards.  I threw up on the train so Dad gave me ice cream (butter pecan).  But ice cream wasn't the solution then either.  I continued to throw up in the air conditioned department store and bus.  Poor dad.

Our little READERS

Tessa's friend, Hanna

Splash pad with the Olsens 

 Brothers on a walk


Ryan was talking to me while I was pulling the weeds and I didn't know where he was.  I thought it was hilarious when I saw his little head poking through the window. 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Visit from Emily Winnie

We met up with our dear friend, Emily, and her mom in Boppard along the Rhine River.   Emily has been a dear friend since our days in Los Angeles.   She still lives there and has become a successful photographer.  It was so wonderful to catch up, reminisce and spend time with her and her mom.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Kindergarten end of the year party

I feel so lucky to be apart of our Kindergarten.  The graduating class gave the school a tree with angels attached.  They have been angels helping our kids grow.

edible money

Tessa and Eve

The teachers acted out a darling story about a Kleine Hexe (Little Witch). 
It was so cute to see them dressed up as witches and acting for the kinder.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Romo Denmark

We decided to end our trip in Romo, an island in Denmark.  The bad news was that it was windy and 60 degrees.  The good news was we were able to relax and rejuvenate from our epic road trip and essentially get a vacation from our vacation.

Ryan's account:   After our days in Copenhagen we drove across the country to its other coast and had some rest and relaxation at the beach. It was windy and a tad chilly but still great. The campground we stayed at was a kids' paradise that had Luke's favorite thing, miniature golf. We finally got to rent bike type vehicles too to help explore the island.

We stayed in quaint cabins with miniature golf, ultimate bouncy thing, and cool bikes.
Also, the World Cup was underway and so we got to watch Uruguay play France and Brazil play Belgium.