Thursday, October 16, 2014

Autumn in Portland

Holy crapola!  I am up to date with the blog!  Now nothing else can happen so I can take a break!

We spent last weekend in Portland with the cousins.  We went to Caleb's marching band half time show for the high school football game.  We also went swimming and to a pumpkin patch/corn maze. But my favorite reasons to visit are fun company and Jenny's cooking.  Yum Yum.  
We had been to this very corn maze 3 years ago when I was very pregnant with Luke.  I attached some old pictures too!  

Picking the perfect pumpkin.
It warms my heart how sweet Jeff is with Tessa.  

3 years ago
3 years ago
Back to present day
Anja playing with the boys
If you look closely cute Anja is holding her "Go Bowmen" sign upside down.  

Kazie Daze comes to save the Days

I am so dang lucky to have a sister.  It is wild seeing a little boy growing in her tum tum. 
She is going to be the best mama.  Her trip was too short (Wed Oct 1- Sun Oct 5th). 
Everyone adores Aunt Kazie! 

Thurs- Seattle: Pikes Market, Bubble gum wall, troll bridge, and Space Needle
Fri- Sound and sand castles, playground after preschool
Sat- NW trek, Kazie plays soccer with the boys, dessert from BD bakery
Sun- Nisqually National Reserve and drive to the airport

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Other Happenings

Trip to the dentist and healthy smiles

Gifts from April

Enjoying the last few days of sun

Tessa girl

Sam's drawing of his daddy
Notice the glasses
Kids caught in the cookie jar
Ryan was 5 hours into work before he noticed his shoe selection

Monday, October 13, 2014

Trips to Seattle

We now get to travel to Seattle to go to the temple.  Ryan and I take turns going in while the other entertains the kiddos.  Lukey calls Moroni on top of the temple "Macaroni".   After the temple, we went to Lake Washington next to all the multi-million dollar mansions for a little swim.  The next week we went back to Seattle for a Scarecrow Festival with the Reinbolds.  The Reinbolds live in the city and know all the cool, fun, family friendly things to do.  We are lucky to have them as friends.  

Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Visit from April

My life long friend, April, came for a visit.   I was all alone in a new place and 
then suddenly I had a great friend to hang out with everyday for a week! 
She uplifted my soul and the kids sure loved her too!  

Seattle and Sound
NW Trek
Tolmie State Park 
Capitol Building
Capitol Building, Farmer's Market, and
Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge
Tumwater Falls Park
April took some cute pics of Tessa.

2 hours from our COUSINS!!

This is the closest we have ever lived near family and we love it!  

Flying planes on the Army base
Hike to the Sound
Tessa loves their rabbit, Cracker Jack.  

Settling into Washington

My parents stayed for 2 weeks helping us move in and
explore the fun things to do.  We love walking along the 2 mile trail
to the Puget Sound.  We picked a lot of blackberries and made
yummy cobblers!  
We met up with my cousin, Bret, and family in Seattle and got
a wonderful tour of Green Lake, Pikes Market, the bubble gum
wall, and the Fremont Bridge Troll.  
More Seattle
Sam and Luke love riding bikes!  Mimzy and Pop Pop
bought Sam a big boy bike for his birthday! 
Family Home Evening
3 in the tub and throwing paint balls
First day at Preschool!  He was such a big boy!  
The weather has been nice and we have loved being outside. 
Our little doll baby
"I'm so glad when daddy comes home!"
Getting dirty and clean
We may not have a yard but we do have 3 nice parks within a block.
It is funny when the boys go down the slides and get static
electricity making their hair stick up.  They love to touch me
and give a little shock.
Ryan's work selfie.  
Our new friends, Amaya and Julian.  We went to the Sand in the City Festival
and then played at our house.