Thursday, May 20, 2010

Goodbye Lost

I started watching Lost before the second season started. This cute girl I went to church with recommended it and I got hooked on the the girl and the show. Our relationship won't end after six seasons, but we are sad that the television show will.

I have to say I just think it is an awesome show. It reminds me of other shows I loved as a kid like the Twilight Zone and Quantum Leap. It is a great a mixture on Action and Sci-Fi. It's not too deep and not to shallow. It pays off for those that watch it.

If I find a movie I like, it's only two hours of enjoyment, or maybe four or six if it has sequels. What's nice about Lost is that it's a 120 hour movie that I really like.

One day I will have to do something like this. Farewell Lost. Can't wait for the finale and you will be missed.

Monday, May 17, 2010


More baby stuff.
I am nesting and it is getting exhausting. Luckily, I don't do it as much on work days because I am too exhausted. But for the last three Saturdays, I have woken up from 4-6 a.m ready to clean, clean, clean.

I almost feel like it is a mental illness. I have been crawling around wiping off baseboards, moving furniture, dusting blinds, tidying closets, vacuuming and armor-alling cars. Not to mention, I make multiple trips to Target, Ross and Walmart every Saturday to make sure we have baby supplies. Ryan asked if he could help and I said, "SAVE YOURSELF!!!"

I have 5 more weeks and feel like I will be totally worn out if I keep this up before the baby. My plan for the next five Saturdays is to lay by the pool, read Entertainment Weekly, and drink some lemonade. Hopefully, I can stick to that.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Mom Advice

While at the baby shower, each person wrote down some new mom advice.

Some good ones included:

-Keep a journal
-Wash under fat folds
-Buy a good camera
-Whatever attitude you have (about anything) your children will mirror. So beware.
-The best parenting advice comes from the scriptures, Ensign, Holy Ghost and Heavenly Father so dont read Parenting magazines.
-Let it go. Just let it go, it's not worth it!
-If you need medication, use it.
-Beware of expectations, they only bring disappointment.
-Boys are hyper (usually)and it is normal. Dont worry too much about lost teeth, broken bones, and blood. It will all heal.
- Imagine your child as who he will someday become, even during tantrums.
- Triple paste- the best diaper rash ointment

I was hoping you could give me some New Mom advice too.

Baby Shower!!!

A friend from church threw me a baby shower. She invited all of the ladies I knew and all of the girls I taught in primary. It was so fun having a baby shower with kids there. They have been such a big part of the excitement as one class of 8 year olds would pray and fast for me to get pregnant! They put on a skit at the end of the shower about us having our little boy.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Weekend with the Reillys

If you really know me, then you have probably heard about the Barbers and maybe even seen one of our infamous Thanksgiving videos. Growing up in South GA, we didn't have cousins close by but we did have the Barbers. Last weekend, I made it down to Ft. Lauderdale for an overdue visit with Logan (now Reilly) and Jillian (now Talbot). It was so great to get to know their husbands better and meet Logan's now one year old, Ayden. Ayden melted my heart and made me excited to have one of my own.

Here are a couple of pictures. Ayden looks JUST LIKE Logan to me. I am unable to load the video of Ayden doing the hand motions to "Itsy Bitsy Spider". She is such a smarty. What a wonderful time! I just we still lived 45 minutes away like the good ol' days.