Thursday, November 30, 2006

Georgia Trip

This is a picture of us with Wendy and Justin's kids at their home in Newnan, Georgia. It was fun to play with and spoil the kids. We came here after having Thanksgiving with Cheyney's family in Bainbridge. Cheyney won over the sister and her family quite easily with her wonderful smile and general kindness.

The presents went over well with the kids. Around two in the morning Alexander woke me up momentarily to tell me I was his favorite, before he took off to who knows where in the house. As requested he got a six dollar set of Christmas lights from Target and a box of candy canes. I guess that is what helped me take the lead as his favorite person, over the parents that support and provide for him, and the sisters who spend most of their time playing with him. Elizabeth enjoyed her Little Mermaid doll, even though she thought she needed a shirt to make her look more modest. She also received a baptism activity book just like her sisters. Emilie ended up having a stroller for the talking baby doll and took her on the walk that we went on before church on Sunday. Emilie was baptised on Saturday and it was pretty special to be there. Congrats Emilie!


So this is a little experiment with blogging. Hopefully this will motivate us to do fun stuff and let you know what is going on in our life and see some pictures and such.