Sunday, August 26, 2007

The End of Summer/Summer Movies

Summer is slowly heading towards its end. I have mixed feelings about it ending. We have lived in three places this summer: Bainbridge, GA, Fredricksburg, VA, and Raleigh NC. The past eight weeks we have been living apart and meeting up when we can. It will be nice to live in the same place again.

Come August the summer drags a little. Raleigh has been over a hundred degrees many of the days and when you add the humidity it gets pretty intense. You have to exercise in the gym, and you get big power bills for air conditioning in your apartment. Its hard living apart from Cheyn.

I will miss some things about this summer. I enjoy the long days with lots of light after work. I like summer concert series and nights out, even though we only ended up going to one such event (Eddie Money on Fayetteville street).

We saw a lot of movies this summer, more than average for both of us: Shrek,
Pirates of the Caribbean,Sicko,Transformers,The Simpsons,The Bourne Ultimatum,
Cheyn also saw the latest Harry Potter movie with her Mom.

My top two recommendations are:

The Bourne Ultimatum:
I love all three of the series. I enjoy how the movies are filmed on location, so you feel like you are really able to see the surroundings in Europe, Russia, and India. The filming is gritty and more realistic and now seems to act as a standard to the current action genre.(James Bonds recent film makeover seemed to be influenced by the first two Bourne films). I also enjoy the picks of great character actors to play government officials in all of the movies. You would think by the third installment of the film, people would have figured out you just can't kill Jason Bourne.

Michael Moore is pretty polarizing, but his films sure are entertaining. I felt he reaches too far trying to laud Cuba, and tries to sell a socialized government system (France), which doesn't set well with a lot of Americans (especially those in the middle or on the the right politically). I for one was quite jealous on the vacation time and other social and medical support in France. You leave the film a bit empowered thinking something can be done to make health care a little better for all of us, especially for those stuck in the middle. With Romney proposing his health care initiative from Mass. for the nation and Clinton and her past attempt at improving the health care system, hopefully something could happen soon.

What are your favorite movies of the summer? Post in the comments. I would love to see if we missed anything entertaining.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Happy Birffffffday Kay Kay

I can't believe that my little sister is 21 years old today!
Because McKay is the youngest, she has born the brunt of most jokes. We would throw her favorite doll, Bizz Bizz, into the ceiling fan and watch it smash into the wall. Before braces, we would call her "crooked toof" and make her cry. Wow, we were mean.

In spite of the torture, she has come out on top. She is the best looking, the most talented and the coolest Webb. She really is the best at everything. During a family tennis tornament, she not only killed me but beat Branagan, Brady, and Ryan. I am so proud of and definitely look up to my little sister. Happy Birthday, Kay Kay.

Friday, August 17, 2007


Hubbel Palmer Says that when people get married, they only talk about what they buy and money with their friends. On that note, I wanted to show you how we are furnishing our apartment in Raleigh.

Cheyn has been putting a lot of the footwork into finding all of this great stuff and even bough a couch set that will be coming soon. Cheyn has good taste and we usually agree on what we want. All thats left now in the furniture quest is finding a dining room set. See video blog for 3 videos.

Mom Visits

Mom(Ryan's) was in town over the weekend and here are a few pictures of us out by the lake. Mom and I went over to the UNC Planetarium in Chapel Hill, toured downtown Raleigh and the farmers market, and ate out a ton. Cheyn came down and took my Mom couch shopping and to her first pedicure. Thanks mom for all the free meals!

Only about two weeks left until Cheyney completes her assignment in Fredricksburg. We're excited to live together full time.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Elder Faust

A great man died early this morning.
I was just thinking about how much I admire Elder Faust as I read his empathetic and pertinent message about singles in the Ensign this past week. He always seemed so caring and aware. Such a strong vibrant faithful man. A few memories:
I remember one Christmas time I bought a book on Elder Faust for a sibling or parent. The book was part biography and the other part was his conference addresses. I ended up reading the whole thing before giving it away. He was an important part of Utah politics in the State Legislator (Democrat incidentally). He served in Brazil and was well loved by the people down there, as well as receiving an honor from the government. I remember his talks are humble, aware, and sincere.
One of my favorite MTC memories was in June of 1997 when he came to speak to the missionaries. He felt bad for the missionaries in the overflow (where my district was situated) so he came over greeted us and wept. He was about ten feet away and the spirit he brought was undeniable. You just feel love being around him and for me he exemplifies the core message of the gospel.
He will be missed.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Fast Cars, Pregnancy, and Cheating

Due to our lack of excitement, adventures, and marriage status, we seem to not have much to post on our blog. People on other blogs joke how we are "boring" because we are married. Well, I guess they are right. But in the sacrifice for something to share, I will expose myself and my rediculous dreams.

Last night: I dreamed that my friend, Jaime (who is really pregnant) told me that she is going to have a car. Meaning, birth a car. Yes, she was inseminated with car parts and will birth a car (a smaller version that will grow up to be a real sized car). All for the purpose of not having to buy the car. Genius! In real life they are having a boy, but I think they should name it a car name.

My nap: I dreamed that my brother, Branagan, and I were staying in the Venetian Hotel in Vegas with none other than Clay Aiken. I was flirting with him hard core and even looked down at my wedding ring and felt a tinge of guilt for going after another man. But I still pursued. Then we decided to go out clubbing. Clay invited and payed for ($300 each....strange detail) all of our friends which included Cami and Jessica. The other friends I dont remember because I was preoccupied with two things.
#1. wanting to be alone with Clay and
#2. being slightly embarrassed at how overdressed (or underdressed) I was in a strapless gown.

Ryan forgave me for almost cheating on him with a possibly gay pop star in a dream. Luckily, we can not be held accountable for our dreams. This goes for his crazy and sometimes scandalous dreams too.
But, I will be extra cautious while not in dreamland because guess who else lives in Raleigh.

Have you had any dreams for which you dont want to be held accoutable?