Monday, March 21, 2016

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Mount St. Helen's

During the one hour drive up the mountain, it was ridiculously overcast.  We walked up and to the overlook and couldn't see a single thing.  I was so sad because it was a couple hours out of our way and I was so excited to share this with Elizabeth and Brady.  We watched the documentary and then the curtains pulled back.  Just then, the clouds lifted and we had an excellent view of the volcano.  The world revolved around us.... but it did not revolve around Tessa.  Poor thing fell out of the stroller on the way down and bit through her lip.  

Seattle's CityPass

EMP Museum

I had to take a picture of an original drawing of Cindy Lou Hoo
AKA Tessa

My favorite Looney Toons

Chihuly Museum

Arbor Tour

Pike's Place Market
Yeah, he just caught that fish.  I love Brady's look!  
Buying some fish... which later Brady and Elizabeth made us an
amazing meal.  

Space Needle

A picture for Sam and Luke
I put Bainbridge on the map.  
You can see who from your hometown has been to the Space Needle.
We were the first.  
Final stop to see the Fremont Troll

Last trip to NorthWest Trek

new baby moose

Hanging in Lacey

We are so dang lucky to be Brady and Elizabeth's "last hurrah".  

Elizabeth got an archery badge from Girl Scouts back in the day. 

Soccer with Elizabeth
We also went to a drive in theater and saw Shawn the Sheep

Portland with Brady and Elizabeth

We got to pick Brady and Elizabeth up in Portland at the end of August 2015.  
We played at the OMSI, walked across the bridge, ate at VooDoo Donuts,
explored downtown and perused Powell's bookstore. 

High TIDE with Bicky