Wednesday, September 24, 2014

NYC day 3

Ryan, Tessa and I got an extra day in NYC to see friends.  
Emily lives in Manhattan.  Her husband is the bishop and they live on the 11th floor of an apartment complex off of Broadway with their 3 boys.  It amazes me how she makes life normal as she has her groceries delivered, hires cabs to get her children to school, and takes family bike rides around Central Park.  Monica and her 5 kids drove down from Connecticut for the day.   We let the kids play at a park while we had pizza and Thai food delivered.  It was a yummy picnic and nice to have a down day in NYC with friends.  
Seinfeld diner, Columbia University, and
Emily and Monica
It was awesome to meet up with Liz and Brady Hales
as they were traveling in NYC  at the same time!

These are the notes I kept on my phone of what we did every day on our trip:

Thurs: Elizabeth picked us up; little tour, sleep, mom dad Brady bran Claire Kazie and Craig get in, eat Chinese, walk along river- fire flies pee in woods

Fri-run 5 miles with Ryan,  nails did, diner with all, Princeton, rusty and Bick get in,  eat Italian with Elizabeth's family, wedding rehearsal, practice song

Sat- run 5 miles with bran, get ready for wedding, family pics, go to church, bag pipes, wait for priest,
Procession in, read from Isaiah, songs from both faiths, mom and her mom lit the candles for the to light the unity candle, Kazie reads and love is unselfish love is kind, spread peace hug Brady and Elizabeth, Brady is tearful, pictures at church Go to lodge, more pics, cocktails, Mom and dad speak, dad prays on the food, toasts-bran and MF, song,  cut cake, her dad's slide show, dance

Sun- church with John Walters, Kazie tells us she is preggo by taking a pic "McKay's pregnant".  Lunch at Reavy's, go to NYC, temple, Lennon died and strawberry fields, Central Park, get food-pizza,  Yankees stadium, get home at 2:30 am

Mon- Ryan and dad take Bick, bran dad and Ryan drive car to hotel with luggage, Claire mom Tessa and I take train, World Trade Center, Wall Street, statton island ferry- Statue of Liberty, Grenich village, Washington park, falafels in the park, time square, Rockefeller center, wicked, taxi home

Tues- bus, go to Emily's 101 and broadway, Monica and 5 kids come, park, order pizza for kids and Thai to park, go to hippo park, then toms diner from Seinfeld, Columbia, bookstore, time square, Liz and Brady, food to go, bus, pass out at 9:30

Wed- uber taxi service, leave suit and dress, send uber taxi to get it, flight back to SLC

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

NYC Day 2

Mom, Dad, Bran, Claire, Ryan, Tessa and I toured all over NYC.  
By the end, everyone's feet were aching and we couldn't walk another step. 
I asked my dad, "Where do you hurt?"  He said, "Everywhere except my knees!" 
Thank heavens for new knees!  

World Trade Center Memorial and new building. 
Wall Street
Staton Island Ferry and Statue of Liberty
Washington Square Park and Greenwich Village
NBC and Rockefeller Center

Wicked and night lights of Time Square

NJ to NYC Day 1

The day after the wedding, we had lunch at Elizabeth's parents 
house and then made our way to NYC.   
P.S. Thanks to Claire for most of these photos. 

Waiting at the train station

Central Park
 Restaurant named TESSA

Yankees vs. the Red Socks
and Tessa got a certificate for her 1st baseball game

Brady and Elizabeth's wedding: Part 4

The reception

Brady and Elizabeth's wedding: Part 3

Taking photos

Brady and Elizabeth's wedding: Part 2

The ceremony

Brady and Elizabeth's wedding day: Part 1

Family photos

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Somerset and Princeton

After making it to Utah, we dropped the boys with Grandparents and the Hills and jumped on a plane with Tessa.  We made it to NJ and Elizabeth picked us up from the airport.  Everyone arrived at the hotel later that day.  We got a great tour of where Elizabeth grew up, got our "nails did", ate at a yummy diner, and explored Princeton.  Later that night we had the rehearsal dinner, met Elizabeth's fun family and did the wedding rehearsal.  

bottom right: The rehearsal dinner was where
Elizabeth and brother Kevin worked for many years.  

Princeton was so beautiful.  We even toured their art museum.  

Tessa and Poppy part 2

Just a couple more photos... I couldn't resist

Tessa and Poppy

When Poppy and Tessa met, it was a pure joy.
It just warms my heart how happy they made each other.    

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Ranch

The Ranch is such a huge part of my childhood as it is where many of my dad's side of the family live.  I learned how to ride a horse here and loved picking my Grandpa Orville's strawberries.  It was such a treat taking my family to the Ranch to spend time with aunts, uncles and cousins.
The boys loved feeding Uncle Ed's goats.  I can't remember all their names
but my favorites were Beauregard and Hello Kitty.  

Sam immediately clung to Uncle Ed.  He loved wearing his
cowboy hat and saying, "Has anybody seen my goat?"

After the ranch, we went to Ruth and Jim's house.   The boys played with all of Kinley's toys and watched Sleeping Beauty.  Even 4 months later, Sam and Luke still talk about how much they liked playing with Aunt Ruthie and Uncle Jim.  

P.S.  Ruthie made Luke's bobby.  I was a little embarrassed to show her how tattered it is.  But it is loved, snuggled and stuck up his nose everyday!