Sunday, September 16, 2012

and a little more fun in Utah

We got to spend some time in Utah after the cruise.  
I always love visiting with the Andruses.  I got to see Josh and Heather's new home and Sam and Luke got to play with Reagan. We also had a sweet visit with Great Grandma Lindgren. 

We went to the Salt Lake Cemetery to visit both family and prophets.  It was special to take my kids and husband to my grandpa's grave.  Even though he died when I was 13, he was such a huge influence on my life.  

We also got to spend time with Rusty, Charlotte, and Madeleine.
It was a momentous occasion as Charlotte learned to ride a bike without training wheels while we were there!

And of course, the main event, a BYU game.  
Thank heavens, we won 30-6.
Ryan got to go with his old college roommate, Nate. 

Farming out the kiddos

For us to be able to go on the cruise, awesome in-laws, Bicky, and a dear friend took great care of our kids.  It was a lot to ask of them especially since Luke wasn't sleeping through the night.  
We will forever be grateful to them!

Wendy and family were gracious enough to take both kids for a few days.  She sent us pics while we were on the cruise of the kids having fun swimming, 

reading books with Benjo, 

feeding ducks,

and being mischievous.

Luke was loved and adored by Bick, Deenie and Poppy. 

And Sam loved every minute with Grandma.   They went on excursions every day (aquarium, splash park, Le Caille, trax to Discovery Zone and City Creek, and South Town Mall for the carousel and train) and then drew pictures of their adventures in a Spiderman book!

They fed the neighbor's dogs apples everyday.

My great friends, Steph and Greg, who are pregnant with twins took Luke for a few of days.  I guess he helped them get a glimpse of what was ahead.  They are going to be the best parents.
a previous picture 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tulum- Mayan Ruins

At our last port, Brady, Elizabeth, Ryan and I caught a fairy and taxi to Tulum.  It was so fun to be with them and their spanish speaking skills.  We had a blast running around trying to fit it all in and make the cruise in time.  Our taxi driver took us to a cenote (cave) off the beaten path and to the store so Brady and Elizabeth could get swim trunks.  It made me miss my good ol' days of traveling.

These next two pictures are live reenactments of the 
paintings behind them.  

This last pic was ingenious.  I especially love the turtle on Elizabeth's lap.  We really had a blast together! 

Grand Cayman - Sting Ray Adventure

In Grand Cayman, Claire, Bran, Dad, Ryan and I fed, kissed and swam with sting rays.  

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

CRUISE- I'm on a BOAT!

...I'm on a boat and it's going fast and
I got a nautical themed, Pashmina AfghanI'm the king of the world, on a boat like LeoIf you're on the shore, then you're sure not me, oh

I'm on a BOAT!

My mom and dad put together this cruise.  They were so generous and it was wonderful to all be together. Ryan and I especially enjoyed relaxing and being kid free for a whole week.

We loved being able to eat together every night and we got to celebrate McKay's birthday.
I got my swim trunks and my flippy floppies!  Fun in the SUN!

We played cards almost every night!

And everyone loved doing karaoke.