Friday, July 17, 2015

Sam and Tessa

> Sam is such a great big brother. He loves helping Tessa. I love capturing these moments of adoration and trust especially when there are several moments on the contrary.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Officially 3 1/2 years old

Luke is officially 3 1/2
Mimzy sent him a present - Captain America, his favorite.  

She also sent the boys Minion shirts.  We celebrated the day by
playing at McDonalds and the toy in the Happy Meal was a Minion. 

Also, by going to see the Minion movie.

And free slurpees at 7-11 (because it was 7/11- celebrating Luke's 1/2 bday one day early)

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Independence Day Celebrations

We recovered from camping by taking long naps and then went on post for 
bouncy houses, petting zoo, magician, and fireworks.  
It was the first time any of our kids have seen real fireworks.  
They all loved them.

Sam took pictures of the fireworks.  


What a nightmare.  I had been researching for weeks about the best campsite.  
I read about one called Falls View Campground with the promised view of a waterfall and 
a beautiful hike around a lake, stream and to the waterfall.  I thought this would be the perfect spot.
Well, it was a complete disaster! 

1. The campsite was first come first serve, no reservations SO it was FULL. 
We went to 2 other sites with no luck.  And ended up  at a campsite in town off a 
busy street with homeless drunks walking through it.  

2.  No, worries we can still do the hike and see the waterfall.  
It has been so dry and hot that there was NO waterfall and we couldn't even find the hike. 

3.  We decided to go down to the beach.  Nothing but rocks.  Luke immediately fell and scraped his arm.  It was bad and bloody.  

4.  We saw some people kayaking and thought that would be fun, only to find out it cost $25 per hour.  So, that was a no go. 

5.  We finally went to a river where the kids could play and get wet.  I did not bring swim clothes and that really upset Sam as he does not like to get his clothes wet.  We managed to cool down and salvage some of the night.  While I was taking pictures, I accidentally erased all of the pictures I had on my card.  Many were priceless from my trip to Poppy's the week before.  I was devastated. 

6.  All the other campsites allowed fires, but not ours.  
We started to make our dinner on the propane stove and I could not find the connector to the propane.  I burst into tears and said let's bag it.  Luckily Ryan found it so we could EAT. 
We even roasted our marshmallows over the little flame on our stove. 

7.  Tessa was a pill.  She could not turn off and she was so tired.  She was like a caged animal in the little tent (as it was too small to put up her pack-n-play).  She just ran and jumped until 10:30 pm when Ryan finally threw her in the van and drove around for an hour until she passed out. 

8.  Tessa woke up at 6 am and so Ryan handed her a phone and she watched PBS kids until we woke up.  We ran out of data and were charged extra.  We made pancakes, took down the tent and were out of there by 9:30.  Not exactly the camping trip I was dreaming of.   

Luckily the kids didn't know any better so they didn't mind and were extremely patient.  We learned many lessons on this trip.  I think Ryan can take the boys camping close to home and we will try again with Tessa in a couple of years.  

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Happy Birthday Sam!

 Having the Hills with us for Sam's 5th birthday made it quite the event.  
They make everything fun!

Donuts on a string

Dinner at the Park


Chocolate Bar Game

Turtle Pinata

 Playing at the park
Emilie made these darling pillow case dresses for
Tessa and Adeline and their dolls!  

Birthday Boy

Our sweet silly Sam is really getting to be a big boy.   

StoryBots made by Emilie and Elisabeth

Sam loves learning, playing hide and seek, still enjoys Plants vs. Zombies, reading, throwing and kicking balls, playing with Lukey, talking about Rivers, figuring things out, negotiating a later bedtime, being spoiled by grandparents, Chuck E. Cheese, date nights, helping daddy, eating pizza rolls, saying thoughtful prayers, making friends, talking to strangers, getting Tessa out of bed, preparing meals with mommy, dressing up, playing with marbles and blocks,  and drawing and coloring.   He likes many things but dislikes getting his clothes wet.  What a funny and spectacular little dude.  5 years have gone by too quickly.  We sure adore the boy he has become.