Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Our babysitter went on vacation for a week. We didn't have to worry too long about what we were going to do with Sammers. Not one but two Aunts volunteered to fly in and spend time with us….. well, Sam. This boy is so loved.

Deenie bought Sam this 52 inch teddy bear affectionately known as "Bear Bear." I have never seen Sam more excited about anything. He squealed and hugged Bear Bear immediately. He always points to him and gives him a bear hug everyday. We might need a bigger house for Bear Bear.

Thank you Bicky and Deenie for a wonderful week!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sneaky Stinker


The attempt

We are in trouble. Nothing is going to hold him back.

Happy Birthday Krista

Krista and I have been great friends since we were 19. Krista is a very established physician working for the CDC traveling the world for tuberculosis outbreaks. We were lucky enough that she had a conference in Denver and could visit us. We got to celebrate her birthday and catch up like the good ol' days.

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Musicians

Since my dad's retirement, he has taken up a lot of hobbies. One is music. He wrote my mom a song called, "Sammy's Smile." Here are the lyrics: *Sung like Bob Dylan.

Sammy's Smile

Because of Sammy's smile
my gal is a goner
It takes Sammy's smile
to cast a spell upon her
Because of Sammy's smile
Because of Sammy's smile

I can fly her to Paris,
take her to Peru
But whatever I try
it still ain't gonna do
Because of Sammy's smile
Because of Sammy's smile

I can lavish her with lobster,
spoil her with a new car
Try to communicate more better
but that don't get me far
Because of Sammy's smile
Because of Sammy's smile

Djyou know we've kayaked in Alaska
we've carnivaled in Belize
Snuggled in Moscow at midnight
But that don't raise her degrees
Because of Sammy's smile
Yeah Sammy's smile

I could valentine her with chocolate
Buff up at the gym
Anniversary her with poems
But I'm still ZIP next to him
Because of Sammy's smile
Yeah Sammy's smile

The guy really can't do nothin'
I've seen him barely crawl
But for my lifetime sweetheart
The dang kid is her all
The dang kid is her all
Yeah Sammy's smile
Because of Sammy's smile

Mimzy, Pop Pop and Bradojets

I am finally blogging about the wonderful week with my mom, dad and Brady. This was the first time Sam got to meet Brady. Brady was so cute with him. Brady has spent the last year and 1/2 in Central and South America.

(Note the cute alpaca wool sweater above and the jammin' pants below… both gifts from Mimzy and Pop Pop during their visit with Brady to Bolivia and Peru)

We also got to celebrate Brady's birthday while they were here. I asked Brady what he wanted to do for his birthday and he said, "Spend it with Sam." Sam is one lucky little boy.