Saturday, February 26, 2011

Grandpa and Grandma Lindgren Come to Visit

This past week my parents (Ryan's) made the drive from Utah for a visit. We enjoyed having them and exploring Colorado Springs together. It was fun seeing them with Sam. They were both so cute with him, making him giggle and adoring him just the way his parents do. Dad fixed some things around the house and Mom watched over and bonded with Sam. We had fun introducing the parents to Middle Eastern food and playing lots of Yatzee at night. On Saturday we went hiking up to Seven Falls:
An elusive photo of my Father hiking, often hard to capture due to his trailblazing nature

And here comes Mom scaling the stairs
And here is our group shadow picture

Our baby is totally turning into a little boy and we love him so

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

From our little Cupid

This is the melt down of a silly photo shoot. Someday he will be upset with me for dressing him up like this. I am sure one day I will be showing his future wife these photos. We love our little guy and Valentine's day means so much more now that we have Sam in our lives.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Jimmer Show Comes to the Springs

Last night was a lot of fun. Cheyn and I got a babysitter and headed up to the Academy to watch some college basketball. It is something we had been looking forward to for months. BYU basketball has their best team in 30 years, is number 7 in the nation, and has the odds on favorite for the NCAA basketball player of the year.

Air Force's arena was small but nice. It holds about 6000 people. It's a lot like the old BYU field house if you have ever been there. They had great concessions including a place that sold rocky road covered caramel apples. We had seventh row tickets (the closest I've been in a basketball arena). BYU totally beat up on Air Force and it was great to be so close that you could yell at the refs when they were totally wrong on calls and see the frustration and desperation the Air Force players. Jimmer scored 25 points and was out with four minutes to go. There were some awesome threes and dunks by the rest of the team. Final score was 90-52, Air Force's worst home loss ever.

About 40 percent of the fans were BYU fans, and in spite of a loud AF cheering section, BYU fans had a lot to cheer for. Here is some video Cheyn took

We're excited to see what BYU can do in march madness. Go Cougars!!