Saturday, October 31, 2009

Scenes from the Primary Halloween Party

Here are some pictures of kids from our current and past primary class all dressed up. Happy Halloween Everyone!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Aztec Ruins

From Collages
While in New Mexico, we got to visit the Aztec Ruins. We had a nice time exploring the ruins and admiring the bright yellow Cottonwoods. We also got a family photo. Our family has grown a bit over the last year. The photo is incomplete without Ryan. The poor guy has had to be photoshopped into family photos before.

From Grandpa Orville 10-2009

The Rock KING

From Collages

Uncle Cal and Aunt Paige were gracious enough to host all 9 of us (everyone in my family minus Ryan) in New Mexico while we were there for the funeral. As you can tell, Calvin is the ultimate rock collector. He had us all cutting and polishing rocks and making pretty awesome jewelry. I made a banded florite necklace. Who knew rocks could be so fun?... Uncle Cal did.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thrills from the four little Hills

Benjo after eating some hot salsa

It was so great to have Wendy, Justin, and kids come up for a visit. The kids did tons of fun things while here like Marbles kids' museum, Frankie's fun house, a scavenger hunt, Cook Out's milk shakes and much more. When asked what was their favorite part, they said, "going to the gym." (which is our apartment gym with one treadmill, elliptical machine, and stationary bike). It doesn't take much to make them happy. Ryan's highlight was introducing the kids to Ghostbusters. They made it easy to have 8 people in our little apartment. My favorite is how Wendy picked out a place for Benjamin to sleep... yep, pack-n-play in my closet. We are so glad that they came. It was so nice of them to make the long drive, even with Justin recovering from jet lag from India.

Monday, October 19, 2009

See You Later Dorothy!

The past two years and some months I (Ryan) worked as a Social Worker at the State Psychiatric Hospital. During my time there I worked on the crisis unit. I got to help a lot of people who had hit rock bottom or needed to be hospitalized for their own or others safety. I have tons of great stories from my time there. I learned a lot about drugs, Psychiatric illness, and lots of places and services in North Carolina.

I think what I will miss most as I move on is my co-workers. I work with a lot of cool Psychiatrists, PCP's, RN's, and Social Workers. It kind of fun to spend the day chatting with a fun psychiatrist all day talking about human behavior and treatment. We also get a lot of time to talk about college football, tell stories, and de-stress from some of the patients we are trying to work with.

My social work supervisors and other coworkers have been great as well. I keep in touch with some of them that have left already and they have been a blessing to us moving to a new area two years ago. We usually meet up for dinner every other month.

I've accepted a job working at another hospital in the area and my last day at Dorothea Dix Hospital will be on thursday.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Grandpa Orville

My Grandpa Orville died peacefully in his home on Saturday, October 10th, at age 92. He was always cheating in games against his grandkids, telling tall tales, and making everyone laugh. He made his grandchildren (all 22 of us) promise to never push him down or spit on his shoes. Because of him, we are all proud to be "Dog-faced Webbs".

I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful Grandpa and to have had him here for so long. I was able to call him before he died to tell him a joke (one of his own) and say goodbye. I am so grateful for eternal families so we can be together forever.

Pictures from my last visit with him

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mexigonia Weekly

My brother, Brady, and his girlfriend, Elizabeth, are off on a ridiculously amazing adventure. They have bought a 1981 Rabbit Volkswagen and are driving through Central America to South America. They met last summer (2008) while doing an journalism internship in Washington D.C. Their plan is to document their travels while learning more about the region and cultures. They plan to be gone for over a year! If you would like to check them out, go to

They stopped by for a visit before they begin their trip. We got to see their sweet ride that runs on diesel and vegetable oil. They have buckets and a pillow case filter so they can stop off at restaurants and use their old cooking oil as fuel. I love that their car has a ton of personality with yellow rims and red seat belts. It only goes 55 mph and they have to warm some plugs before they start it. They are so adventurous. I am sure they will have a wonderful time and I am sure my mom will be up many nights worrying about them.

(notice their spare tires in the back seat)

I love you Brady and Elizabeth.

....and they're off.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fun with Ruby and Julie

Ruby and Jules came up for a visit. I love it when friends and family come to visit. We had a wonderful time. Here are some pics of our outings to Marbles Museum, painting, and feeding the ducks. Thanks so much for coming.