Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Psychiatry:An Industry of Death

I never stopped by this museum when I lived in LA, but felt that I had to after having working in Psychiatric Hospital for the past 3 years. I tried to go with an open mind and mostly wanted to find out what Tom Cruise would say if he wasn't so manic. Turns out it was pretty much the same thing.

This Museum is basically a catalogue of all the horrible things Psychiatry has done. There is the typical stuff everyone agrees on: lobotomies, crude electric shock, poor past patient care, etc. But then their history kind of veers off around 1940 into a special version of history. A special history of suspicion and conspiracy theories not so much based in objective science.

Now, lets see if you need to go to the Museum on not.

See if you can answer these questions:

1. Who is responsible for the Holocaust?
2. Who is responsible for school shootings? (starts with P, is not Pearl Jam)
3. Who is a main contributor to Terrorism? ( rhymes with Physiatrists)
4. Is Psychiatric medication ever justifiable?

OK, I think you are getting the point. I almost made it out the door, but there was a tour guide lady who wanted to talk to us. I asked her if she thought Psychiatrist did anything right. She said as long as they didn't prescribe Psychiatric medication, they were fine.
She asked for my point of view and I told I thought her assumptions of all Psychiatric medications being ineffective and all Psychiatrist were evil was unreasonable and indefensible according to evidence based practice. She said all research is biased because of Psychiatrist being payed by drug companies. I told her that their were numerous studies not financed by people affiliated with drug companies that showed some effectiveness to treatment in specific cases. And then after talking in circles and making my pregnant wife endure our conversations, I realized I was doing that thing I do that I always tell myself I will never try to do again. You just can't reason with unreasonable people. All in all, the conversation was about as successful as Matt Lauer, and hey I even know the history of Psychiatry to some extent.

Anyways, it made for a good story for my coworkers back at work. I showed this picture to my coworkers and everyone thought it was awesome

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hubs is a Daddy!

We just got back from and fun trip to LA and Portland, OR and will be posting about events from our trip.

Three years ago Hubbel and I were roomies in a Hollywood apartment. Now he is married and a proud papa. It was such a treat to see their wonderful little girl.

One of the wonderful things we go to to on our trip was visit Hubbel and Rachel in the hospital the day after little Julia came to the world.

A few days later we went to their apartment in Hollywood. They are funny and great and I really wish we lived closer.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Babysitting Our Nephew for the Weekend

Last weekend we were lucky enough to have our nephew stay over for a few days. We enjoyed the practice and figured out we were naturals as parents. He didn't' cry once. He easily went down for bed and was up at a reasonable hour. No tantrums. He didn't steal anything when we went to the store and didn't bite any of the other kids in primary. In Church, he leaned over and said "Uncle Ryan and Aunt Cheyney, will you be my parents?"

Now some of you may say, "It was the kid's parents who made him this way and you were lucky enough to babysit a remarkable two year old." Well, you are probably right.

Here is a slide show video we made of his weekend:

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weekend Trip to ATL, GA

We have been so lucky to have family close to us, ok seven hours away and of course Cheyns parents 10 hours away. It makes for lots of trips and lots of visitors. Sadly for us, my sister and her family are going to be moving to the intermountain west. So that short trip is about to get longer.

We made a quick trip down to Atlanta to visit them over the weekend. We also got to see our friends Julie and Ruby. We played Beatles rock band, card games, guitar and ukulele. We also got to watch Elizabeth play basketball and we got to eat out. We love each of our nephews and nieces and they are just great kids, wonderful in their own way. Justin and Wendy are super cool too. I think Wendy is fulfilling that part of her that really wishes I was a girl and that she had a sister. When I went to sleep Saturday night, Wendy and Cheyney were still chatting away.

Here is to family. We love you Justin and Wendy and we love all of the rest of you no matter what state or country you are in. We also love our friends who visit this blog. We do not love the Anonymous people who post comments and links about enlargement or antiviruses. You people I don't really care for.