Thursday, September 1, 2016

Jeff's Birthday

Jeff, Jenny and family (minus Caleb) came to visit for Jeff's birthday.
He chose to go to a German Restaurant for dinner.
We also hiked Tolmie.

We did FHE together before church.


Grandma gave Sam a butterfly garden for his birthday.
First, we sent for caterpillars and watched them transform into cocoons and butterflies.
The kids then let the butterflies go.  It was a wonderful gift.


Gift from patient

While in a room with a patient, the medical assistant interrupted me and asked me to come out of the room. I found this very odd.  She said a patient needed to see me in the waiting room.  I asked who it might be and then went out to see what he needed.  He was there to thank me with this amazing bouquet of flowers that he arranged himself.
I could hardly believe it.  I had never been a recipient of such a magnificent gift.  I felt very undeserving.  
And to think that I almost didn't go to work.  That morning after driving 30 minutes down the road,  Ryan called and asked if I had his keys.  I did.  I had to turn around and drive 30 minutes back to give them to him.  I called and told work I would be an hour late.  It ended taking me 2 hours and 20 minutes to get to work that day.  I hardly thought that it would be worth it.
After this gift, I was so grateful to have this job and so glad I made the extra effort to come.



The boys went to St. Andrews for a week for Vacation Bible School.  They loved the Crab puppet, crafts, baptizing a babydoll, and cool Surf Shack songs.

With Bowman

Ryan watched Tessa and Bowman so we could 
go to Bainbridge Island and Seattle. 
He made the sweetest video out of these photos.
These two have a sweet little bond.

July Part 2


It took Bowman a little while to warm up to being in dirt/sand.

Walks to the Secret Trail/and Pokemon

Lattin's Cedar Mill


I was an absolute wreck and I had to turn around and give a talk in
Sacrament meeting.  My parent's left right after sacrament meeting.

July PART 1

Kazie and Bowman came to visit from July 5th to July 30th.
April came July 20th and left 27th. 
Mom and Dad came July 26th and left July 31st.

We had a full house but it was a lot of fun.


STREAM outside the Children's Museum


Kazie gave Tessa this dress

Bainbridge Island with April and Kazie Daze

Bunny in a kids' clothing shop.  They also had hidden
Where's Waldo in each store and you got a stamp if you found it.
It was a fun scavenger hunt.

FERRY RIDE to Seattle



BICK gave us this playhouse.
April helped me put it together.

Back to Children's museum

Miniture golf date with Mimz and Pop Pop