Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Can't Wait For Fall, Part 3

I have three reasons to be extra excited for this fall besides just the leaves changing color:

Skymile payoff

Ryan has assigned me to write this one.

We have been great cheerleaders this summer as most friends and family have taken exotic and exciting summer vacations.
Justin ..... everywhere twice, India, Paris, Hawaii
Wendy and even Benjamin.... Hawaii
Branagan..... Alaska
Mom and Dad..... Russia (again)

Well, it is finally our turn. We have saved our pennies and flight miles and are headed to Turkey and Greece (with a slice of Paris and a dash of Amsterdam). Our preparation has included reading Lonely Planet's Greece, Rick Steves' Istanbul and the Bible. It is pretty neat to read in Acts about Ephesus and the Temple of Diana that we will soon get to see! So, we have 3 weeks and counting. If you have any advice, please share.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Can't Wait For Fall, Part 2

I have three reasons to be extra excited for this fall besides just the leaves changing color:


The 2008 Presidential Election. I love election season. Ever since I was 10, I would follow the election in the fall and then spend election night eating Halloween candy and watching the results.

I have been reading the papers and listening to politics podcasts for months. Cheyn and I talk about the happenings all of the time. Per the national polls right now its Obama by a point, less than the margin of error. But big things are coming!

We get the vice presidential nominee's in the next week, the conventions, and then the debates. Who knows if one of the candidates will blow it, which way will the momentum go? What will be on America's mind in the next few months?

The big swing states look like Virginia, Ohio, Colorado and New Mexico.

I know we have people of different political persuasions that read this blog all you probaly know we're Obama fans. I like his intelligence, dispassion, and charm. I like his progressive ideas on the environment, education, and health care. I think it's time to move in a positive new direction, and think Obama is the man (check out funny video) to do it. At the same time I don't think McCain is all that bad for a Republican, he seems pretty moderate. Also he seems to have a lot of experience being 172 years old and having fought in the Civil War.

Now thats a good looking First Family

So whats your predictions Blog Readers?

Will the Republicans creep back and take the election like they did the past two times? Who will be the VP's? Will your state's vote be especially wooed by the candidates?

All this will be decided this Fall...

Monday, August 18, 2008

I Can't Wait For Fall, Part 1

I know summer is wonderful. Outdoor events, evening walks, vacations and all that. But around here we (And especially me, Ryan) just can't wait for fall to start. I have three reasons to be extra excited for this fall besides just the leaves changing color:


College football is just the best. Its fun to root for your school and I love the rivalries. The games are just so exciting to watch. I can't really explain why I love college football as much as I do. Being a quasi vegetarian, liberal guy who wore embarrassingly short cross country shorts in high school and not shoulder pads, all I can say is I'm just into it. I love the upsets that are especially a part of the game. Not living in the Intermountain West for years, I still follow the Cougs.

BYU hasn't been hyped this much in over ten years and are picked by most to finish high up in the top twenty five. I have been going to games and following the cougars since I was about this old:
I'll try to keep up with the Cougars out here in the South, and will also have to pay attention to Ridge's Florida Gators, Justin's Michigan Wolverines and Brady and Cheyn's Georgia Bulldogs (I haven't completely converted her to BYU yet). This year I'll catch most of the games on TV but we are flying out to Fort Worth, TX to stay with friends and see BYU play TCU in October. This is going to be awesome as TCU is usually near the top of the conference with BYU. Some say the Cougs will go undefeated this season, I'm thinking they will lose a game or two, but can always hope for an undefeated season. Here is a fun highlight video of BYU football.
Less than two weeks until college football starts....and counting.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cheyney's Mail

I came home after work, sorted through the mail, and found this piece addressed to Cheyney. I don't know about you, but I am so glad I never ever, ever, have to go to this conference. Add this to the list of the joys of being married to a Nurse Practitioner.

P.S. Pay special attention to the last sentence on the bottom of the brochure. If thats not a selling point, I don't know what is.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Southern Pride

by ryan

My sister sent me a educational video on BBQ in the South (see below) and it got me thinking about how much the South has earned a place in my heart since I moved here a year ago. I miss it when I'm away. It's been fun taking trips to South Carolina, the Appalachians, down to Southern Georgia, and Atlanta to see friends and family.

It's fun exploring a new part of the country and being married to a cute Southerner helps. It's full of history, great people, and a lot of distinct culture (even though a lot of outsiders like myself are moving in).

Here are five quick reasons I love the South (so far)...

1. Chicken Biscuits. So wonderful. Bojangles, Chick-Fillet, Popeye's, and McDonald's all have there distinct taste. I like Bojangles spicy ones the best.

2. This is College football country. The SEC is always so talented and it's fun to check in on UGA or Florida when the Cougars aren't playing. I love being able to get game scores on almost every AM and FM station during the season, regardless of format.

3. BBQ. I don't eat pork or beef but love NC vinegar based BBQ sauce on chicken. I love the sides, especially Hush Puppies and cabbage. Here is the video I mentioned before on BBQ, an excellent primer. It's important around here.

No matter where I live the rest of my life I promise use the term "grill out" appropriately.

4. I love the different use of words down here. I tell you what, If someone doesn't use the words or phrases "fixin," "a couple three times," "done fell out" (aka DFO) "actin' beligerent" "actin' ignorant" "Have a blessed day" "Sir" or "Ma'am", I wouldn't enjoy living here half as much.

5. Civil Rights and Civil War sights. So much history around here. I love reading books and then seeing where they happened. Whether its MLK's stomping grounds or Civil War battle sites like Fort Sumter, you feel like you are on hallowed ground.