Monday, July 30, 2012


 I completed at sprint triathlon on July 21st.  My goal was to just finish and lose the baby weight and I did both.  My time wasn't great but I enjoyed it.  It was so nice to have Ryan, the boys and the Matthews cheering me on.  

My age didn't wash off before church.

Independent Boys

Happy 4th of July!  Melanie took these great pictures of Sam and Rivs in Manitou Springs.  

Sam is 2! What a big boy!

Mimzy and Pop Pop came to celebrate Sam's 2nd birthday.  

We went to a Rockies baseball game.

Truck from Grandpa and Grandma
Rivers and Melanie came to celebrate 

Tricycle from Mimzy and Pop Pop
They are so good at taking turns.
We also celebrated by eating in a plane!
Rivers enjoyed it more than Sam.


with cousin Kinley

Thorin, Dad, Ed, Ferrin, and Franceen
Sam enjoying Uncle Ed's goats.
This goat's name is Hello Kitty.

another tractor ride

Luke loved Aunt Beth

SLC Part 4 - Friends and Family

We were lucky enough to go to Noelle Brough's wedding and reception.
It was so great to see our dear friends with whom we spent our childhoods. 
Ellie and Sam are the same age.  I was saying that we can't do pretend marriages
like we did for Laurel and Branagan because then it would be "Sam an Ellie". 

So beautiful at Draper Temple

Sam had so much fun playing on Uncle Dale's
antique tractor. 
Dear Aunt Joyce

A visit with Roger and Jolene Andrus