Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snowed In

We got about 2-3 inches of snow on Friday night and Saturday and that is a big deal around here. Before the snow everyone was freaking out. Church was cancelled on Saturday, school is canceled on Monday, and the roads have been close to dead all weekend. We used this weekend as a chance to be lazy, sleep, read, cruise the internet, etc.

I (Ryan) did get to venture out of the house to see what things were like yesterday. In my primary class last year I always used to tell the only boy we taught that if it ever snowed I would come over and throw snowballs at his house. I had to track him down. I went over to the Willis's, another family in our ward, and started a giant snowball fight with a bunch of kids, not just Aiden. Here is a minute slideshow.

The biggest concern right now is icy roads and people who don't know how to drive in them. But it should be up to 45 degrees tomorrow and everything should be OK after that.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Looks like our apartment complex does not agree with our composting hobby.

"The office has been notified of a policy violation involving residents and/or guests of the apartment listed above...Details involving the policy violation: While inspecting the grounds our staff has noticed food on the ground near your balcony. It was reported that it appeared that food such as pasta, an orange, etc had been thrown from your balcony. Please note that this is a violation of your lease agreement...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ohhh BOY

We are so excited. We thought it was going to be a boy and it is!
Thanks to everyone for their congrats, advice, and predictions in our last post!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cheyney is Pregnant!!!


We've tried to tell as many people in person before we blogged about this, so if we didn't get the chance to tell you in person yet, we apologize. After many prayers, fasting, lots of worry, and some help by some good Doctors we are happy to report that Cheyney is expecting. Her due date is June 21st. As for gender, what is your guess? Boy or girl? And any advice you would like to pass on to new parents?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Zion's National Park

After the wedding, Mom and Dad hooked us up with a swanky condo in St. George for New Year's. McKay and Craig were off honeymooning but the rest of us were together. We got to spend a lot of time eating yummy food, hot tubing, hiking in Zion, playing games, watching Hubbel's movie, cheering the football games, and enjoying each others company. Bran and Claire told us about their adventures in Brazil. We also got to hear all about Central America from Brady and Elizabeth. They have successfully shipped their car to Columbia and are enjoying South America.
From Collages

Las Vegas

I have had my fair share of fun in Vegas back in the college. I would drive down from SLC for a Morrisey concert, Cranberries concert, and Indigo Girls concert. I also met up with my two awesome uncles, Glenn and Ed, at Red Rock to do some multi-pitch rock climbing. Oh, and once I ran into Julia Roberts and George Clooney filming Oceans 11. This time, we got to see KZ get married and spend quality time with family!

Las Vegas is not my favorite place. But if it is your first time, the strip is worth an hour of your time. Claire and Elizabeth had not been there before and it had been 40 years since Mom and Dad had been there. So after the wedding, we went to the Bellagio fountains, gardens, and Venecian canals.

From Collages

MAWAGE is what bwings us hewe togedda

McKay and Craig Whittaker
December 29th
Las Vegas Temple
Sealed for time and all eternity
McKay was a beautiful bride. It is crazy to think that she is all grown up and married. I love her so! I am also happy to have a new fun brother, Craig.

As the youngest, McKay has always been picked on and her wedding day was no exception. We did our family tradition and made a roast song. I messed up the video, but here are the lyrics sung to Jonathan Coulton's Skullcrusher Mountain.

Welcome to this wonderful Webb Whitaker wedding
We hope that you've enjoyed your stay so far
We guess you've met with the bride and groom
She is stunning--- He is brilliant
But we assure you that they are not all they seem
We have some inside information
Let us fill you in on some juicy details
Here's our roast song for you

McKay, we like this one
So much more than the other 34
How did you kiss so many faces?
Better thank mom and dad for braces.
Craig, she loves you more
Cuz she's not going to Salvador
Now your mission is together
You have a companion now,
try not to kill each other

Craig, you better study hard and make straight A's
You better get to know the stuff yourself
You can't always rely on your iphone
Take care of KZ
She's your princess
Don't give her brownies for every meal
Please remember to do the chores like:
cooking, washing, cleaning, sweeping
Cuz she won't do them for you

McKay, we like this one
So much more than the other 34
How did you kiss so many faces?
Better thank mom and dad for braces.
Craig, she loves you more
Cuz she's not going to Salvador
Now your mission is together
You have a companion now,forever and ever.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Holiday Season at Temple Square

Before we left Salt Lake at Christmas we went to see the lights at Temple square with our parents. Here are a few photos from the evening. Utah was so cold but it was great to be around family and the pretty buildings downtown.

My dad (Ryan) worked on the wiring of the tabernacle a few years ago and so he was able to share some insights and behind the scenes stuff on the original construction and the way things have been updated.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas In Utah Part 2

We got to spend December 26 with Poppy, Bick, Mom and Dad. They waited to celebrate Christmas with us. I love all of our traditions of sleeping in, scones for breakfast, lining up for pictures, Carpenters Christmas music, and a yummy dinner.

I was lucky to live with Poppy for 4 years and love every moment I get to be with her.

Bick has always spoiled us rotten!

Dad surprised my mom with a laptop. The best part was seeing her reaction to the surprise. She ran and jumped on his lap and they hugged, kissed and laughed. It is funny how I was grossed out as a kid at how they would always kiss in the kitchen but they are such a good example to us of how to be after 34 years of marriage.

Christmas In Utah Part 1

We wanted to catch the blog up on the Christmas/Holiday break. We flew out to Salt Lake City on Christmas Eve. We spent that evening with Cheyney's family and extended family.

Christmas day we were with my (Ryan's) parents. We woke up and opened our presents after a goods night rest. The first time Cheyney and I were at my parents in 2006 (when we were engaged) Cheyney went swimming in the wrapping paper. This year my Mom took the dive
Here is a picture of the parents from the morning I especially liked. (Wendy, I was able to get the picture right side up!)

Christmas is a time you miss family that are no longer with you. It was strange not to be able to visit my Mom's parents on Christmas like I always did as a kid. My grandpa died last year and my Grandma a few years before. I miss those who have passed but am grateful for those still with us. Thankfully we were able to go visit my Octogenarian Grandma Lindgren who is a hoot. She is sharp, charming, and funny. Here we are going to say hello late Christmas morning

After a good visit we went to see Sherlock Holmes and convinced Grandma to come along. I think a few of my grandmas quotes summed in up, "This is not the Sherlock Holes I remember" and "This is more of a Halloween type movie." She was a great sport to sit through it with us, not complaining one bit.

After that we went out to eat and then we spent the rest of the day with the family napping and relaxing by the fire.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Watch Humble Pie

Hubbels Movie that he wrote and starred in is finally out on DVD. The name was changed from American Fork to Humble Pie in hopes of a wider international distribution.

I've watched it two times and of course I loved it. Cheyn loved it too. I think its worth a look for sure. I'm proud of my friend's accomplishment.

For those who've watched it, what did you think?