Saturday, July 18, 2009

Class Water Party

We had our second annual class water party today.
Here is a little video I made highlighting the event:

Friday, July 17, 2009


It is offical. Ryan is an LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker). After getting a master's in social work, licensing requires 2 years of weekly supervision, biannual evaluations, lots of paperwork, and a few other hoops through which to jump. There are so many perks to being married to a social worker like his effective communication, great social skills, reflectiveness, and ease at handling difficult situations. I am so proud of Ryan and his hard work. Not only has he achieved this but has done it while working at the state psych hospital, no less. Kudos, babe.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Paint Ball Warriors

I (Cheyney) have always been intrigued by paint balling. My brothers used to do it when we were kids but I never did. When I found out Aspen Grove would have it available, I was on board. We were one of the first to sign up for it and we were busy making strategies of how to capture the flag. It was just our family on the field plus one to keep teams even. Yeah, I have heard that it hurts but it just looks like so much fun. My sisters- in-law seemed to think so too because the girls were the main ones rushing the field to recover the flag. Well, we learned a lot from the game; mostly that we are a close family to still be speaking to each other after. Here are our stats.

272 shots
32 cup fulls of paint balls
8 players
5 hits on my body
3 people shot in the head (I was one of them)
2 people cried (I was one of them)
2 illegal shots (after yelling time out)
2 flags captured by me
2 times I yelled "enough" while bundled up on the ground
1 person wanted to play again (not me)

Family Reunion

Our Cabin

We have recently returned from a Lindgren family reunion at Aspen Grove. Aspen Grove (above Sundance in Utah) is an organized LDS family reunion camp filled with fun activities including paint ball guns, ropes course, swimming pool, frontier village, miniature golf, badminton, shooting, hikes, fishing, and much more. We tend to rely on Justin to be our photographer so we are missing some pretty great pictures but here is what we have. I went a little crazy with the collages as I figured it was the easiest way to display all the pics.

One of the greatest things about becoming a Lindgren is to automatically become the aunt to 8 great nieces and nephews. We had so much fun teasing/playing with them, making them sing for a dollar, and trying to get the little ones to not cry when we held them.
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Wendy made us all matching reunion t-shirts for family photos.
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These are a few pictures of some of our activities.
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One real treat was meeting up with my (Cheyney's) Mom, Dad, and sister at the Mt. Timpanogas Temple. It was the first time I got to be in the temple with McKay. Afterwards, we hiked to Stewart Falls. Here are some pictures from our hiking trips.
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Monday, July 6, 2009

BYU and Ligers

At the end of June we went to Utah for a family reunion in the mountains. We had a chance to stop by BYU on the way to Aspen Grove near the Sundance resort. Both Cheyney and I went to BYU for part of out undergrad time. It was fun to walk around campus and see the new buildings and reminisce. We got to take two of our nephews with us too, Caleb and Tucker.
Here is a picture with the statue of the founder. During Football Rivalry week this statue is wrapped in layers of saran wrap to protect it from U of U vandals.

The director of Napolean Dynamite went to BYU and I think the Liger references in the movie are related to this gal. BYU has a taxidermy/life science museum (Most everything there is actually dead though) and Shasta guards the door. Here is her history:

Expect more Utah trip posts to come...