Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mt Airy and Old Salem

Cheyn's parents were here visiting for a week and one of our adventures was a trip to Mt. Airy where Andy Griffith was born and grew. Mt. Airy resembles Mayberry as places in the show are based on locations in and around town. There are also places that have been named after the show, impersonators and museums. Here are a couple pictures of the us with Andy and Opie.

One of the cool things about the town was their general museum where I learned two things.

1. Where the OG Siamese Twins settled when they got bored with the circus.

2.How to make Moonshine.
Mt Airy is near the Appalachian Mountains so their was an exhibit to the official drink of Hillbillies.

After that, we went to the old part of Winston-Salem. They have a really cool old town that reminded me of Colonial Williamsburg. The area was settled by Moravian Church and has since merged with Winston. They were able to preserve a lot of the buildings and had cute gift shops and such. It was a great place for a stroll. We recommend stopping by if you are ever passing through.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

On the road to Athens

... Athens Georgia that is. I lived in this apartment with Jenny for a semester. What great memories! We would stay up late listening to Lenny Kravitz and watching Party of Five.
Next was our tour of campus.

My parents have really taken to retirement. After sushi, Brady wanted to take us to the Georgia Theater to watch a band. Ryan and I were tired at 10 p.m. and ready to go to bed but Mom and Dad were up for a concert. The first band, Jar-e, was great with an awesome saxophone. Next was a D.J. or mix master and finally Toubab Krewe.
By this point, it was packed. We thought smoking was outlawed indoors in Georgia like 5 years ago but it was a total hot box in there. Mom and I saw someone light up a joint right next to us. We were a little concerned about wearing our coats into church the next day.

Finally, we had our own concert at Brady's place. Mom and Dad rocked on Guitar Hero. Brady was a great host and it was fun acting like a college student again.

SNOW day

We got about 5 inches of snow today. This may not be very spectacular to those that live in Utah, but Raleigh rarely gets snow much less has it stick. Unfortunately, Southern people don't know how to drive in the snow and I saw 6 vehicles in ditches on a 3 mile span on my way to work this morning. Most places were canceled but not our jobs. I guess psych patients and broken bones don't get snow days. Tomorrow will be the scarier trying to get to work...black ice. Still, it is pretty to see everything covered in white.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Have a Ruby New Year's

We were so lucky to have the Thompsons drive up from Atlanta for the New Year. Ruby graced us with her energy and excitement. She loved talking on my phone, playing Hullaballoo, and riding the eliptical. It was great to spend time with Julie and Trevor hiking through the woods, going to museums, and swimming laps.

Christmas videos