Thursday, February 28, 2008


When we were living in Los Angeles Renee, Evan, Emily, Cheyney, myself and others would meet to watch the latest new episode of Lost. We would usually get take-out of some sort to enjoy with the company. Those were good times. Since then, marriage and/or moving has happened to many of us. There are reports of a group still meeting occasionally in LA.

Were still hooked out here in Raleigh. Another new episode airs tonight and we're really enjoying season four. I'm writing this post to say you should check out lost, and ask a few questions for the fans out there who are watching it:

You Should Watch Lost:

I like lost for so many reasons. I love that episodes answer a question and ask a new one. I love the setting on a tropical Island (Even though filmed in Hawaii, It reminds me of Fiji). The flash- backs are usually quite entertaining. The mystery is fun. They have managed to assemble a lot of great characters and it's addicting.

For those of you who aren't into Lost or haven't got around to it, I encourage you to start. Season one is amazing television, and this is coming from a guy who doesn't watch TV (I'm not saying that because I think I am better than people who do watch TV, at least mostly). Season two is good, season three lags till the end, and season four so far has been awesome. It's worth the time. It's like liking a movie, but the movie lasts for 180 hours....

For Lost fans:

Here are some questions about Lost and what I think might be the answers. If you have a good answer or other questions to think about, post them in the comments:

1.What do you think of the flash forwards?
I think they are genius. I love how the time varies so it keeps you guessing. I keep on trying to fit them into a timeline. I bet you the lost people are going to trick us and have flash forward really be a flashback one of these times.
2. Who was in the coffin at the end of season four?
My best guess is Michael, or maybe Ben. I hope not Sawyer.
3. On that note, when will Michael come back?
I hope soon. He is a good actor, and I like his character.
4. What happens to Claire so that Kate has the baby?
Would they dare kill her off? I think she is left behind.
5. Does Aaron count as one of the Oceanic six, and who are the last one or two?
I think Jin and Sun
6. What is this time warp all about and do you like the new characters?
I like em. I especially like the guy who plays the Physicist. He was great when he played a POW in Rescue Dawn. I like the British Lady too.
enjoy the show tonight!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ice Ice Baby

I guess the pictures really speak for themselves. This is my awesome brother, Branagan, ice climbing in Colorado. He is a true mountain man and the ultimate bachelor. He is an adjunct professor in Salt Lake City and spends all his extra time with his true love, climbing. I love this guy. He and I are truly best friends and every time we talk, my stomach hurts from laughing. He has a gift at always brightening my day!

He just sent me these pics. It looks awfully cold and almost fun. Renee, let's go with him on his next trip.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Holiday Visitors

We had the Hill Family up from Atlanta over the long weekend. Our quiet little two room apartment became party central with 4 kids and 4 adults. The kids were great and it was fun to be around family.

I'm starting to see that everyone has to do four things when they come to visit us in Raleigh:

1.Eat at Cookout
Cheap good food. Shakes, hushpuppies, and Cheerwhine for all. Name one other fast food restaurant where you can get a combo meal with a chicken sandwich, corn dog and chicken nuggets for sides, and a shake? One meal for five bucks with at least 1500 calories. I usually feel full/bloated after. All of us were fed for 31 bucks (Thanks Justin)!

2.Go to the Museum of Natural Sciences
A free science museum downtown with lots of live animals. Dinosaur statues, whale skeletons, and a butterfly room (with a sloth) are highlights. There was a kid's discovery zone that even had "guess which animal poops like this" games (plastic replicas). I think we all were entertained.

3. Walk around the Lake near our Apartment.
A must is a walk on the trail around the lake where you can feed the ducks. We also figured out that feeding the seagulls can be fun (except for Emilie). We ended up going there 3 times!

4.Play games with us.
Wendy and Justin introduced "Ticket to Ride" game to us which we recommend. It's a bit like Risk. Really fun. We also played cards. The games were fun, though they got a little heated last night. As far as I know, Wendy is still married to her husband and identifies us as family (we hope). I think she's moved on from yesterday's game night emotions.

Two other fun thing we did were:
1. visited our friends Tom and Carmen and showed the kids their pet Rabbit:

2. A science experiment with Mentos and diet cola. A group of us tried this at Church back in LA and it only got four feet high. With the right equipment and strategy, Alexander got it 20 feet high:

We love our visitors.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Life With a Nurse Practitioner

Somewhere around four this morning I woke up to Cheyney poking me in the chest with her index finger. The poking was in a square pattern. About the third poke it kind of started to hurt a little and so I asked her "Why are you poking me?" She responded "Does that hurt?" I tell her "yes." She then asks me in a dispassionate way "And why is that?"
I respond: "Because your poking me!" At that point she verbalized a sentence of gibberish, rolled over to her side of the bed, and resumed/continued sleeping.

When we were getting ready for work this morning I asked her is she does exams like that at the spinal clinic. She said yes but on the back instead of the front.

One of the many reasons why I think I have the cutest wife. Happy Valentines Day!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Watching the primaries from the sidelines

I'm pretty much addicted to election news right now. Cheyney and I talk about candidates before we go to sleep, watch results on the computer regularly, and religiously listen to NPR on the radio and through podcasts to get our needed fix. I love election year and feel like this is such an exciting election with the candidates so curious and personalities so distinct, who needs the writers strike to end? North Carolina doesn't get their day in the sun until May 06, 2008, so were just watching from the sidelines and are not able to vote yet like most of you already have.

A few thoughts (Ryan):

1. I feel like the choices are great. In 04 I voted Kerry but wasn't enthused. This year I am excited about most candidates. I don't mind McCain's politics as much as his irritability.

2. My thoughts on Romney have been all over. At first I was curious, then interested, then disenchanted. Mostly now I just feel bad for him. He is so disliked by the other candidates. He's a great man and leader and I hope he can find a worthy pursuit after the primary season ends. He just seems to miss a connecting factor with people. I think he's out of the run for VP too in my opinion, but my idea is for him to eventually become a Senator in Utah.

3. Most awkward Romney moment

4. I'm officially an Obama fan. His optimism and rhetorical skills are amazing and actually inspiring. I agree with most of his political stances. I was initially leaning Hillary until this speech showed a man who had found his voice and gave a vision that resonates with me. I like his lack of baggage and his unifying stance. I could listen to him speak for eight years. I remember the last lanky guy from Illinois with a mole near his nose worked out pretty well. Its worth a try at least, eh?