Saturday, March 4, 2017

Kids' artwork

by Sam

by Sam "The best day of my life" Home with his family

Happy Fathers day, For Dad, From Luke

I am thankful for my friend, Pikachu (Pekcachoo)and Sam
 by Luke

by Luke

by Luke












Intraoral vertical ramus osteotomy

DAY 3 post op

First LOST tooth


Sit on the stairs and think about what you've done

I spent many hours sitting on the stairs with
my siblings for fighting.
What goes around, comes around.
I thought my dad would be proud of my
parenting skills.  

Ryan's hair

It's getting long! 

Great Wolf Lodge

Grandma paid for us to have a surprise trip to Great Wolf Lodge.  It is nice that it is only 20 minutes away.
The kids had a great time.  Sam loved the red and yellow slide and wave pool.  Luke preferred the hot tub.

Princess Luke

Luke is so great at playing with Tessa while Sam is off at school.  
He even humored her by playing princess dress up.  
  We caught Tessa telling him, "You are the best big brother." 

Happy Valentine's Day

Tucker kindly took our family photo for our Valentines cards.  

Car museum with Daddy

More of Tessa

Ms. Brooklynne always does beautiful braids with
Tessa's hair.

Monster teeffff

Potty party