Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Halloween Wild Thing

Even with my lack of craft skills, I was so happy with how the boys' outfits turned out.  My mom helped by knitting their tails and Luke's monster hair.  

We had a wonderful night with the Matthews.  Sam was leery of knocking on the doors.  He let Rivers go first but he did a great job at saying "trick or treat."  He caught on quickly that he would get candy from each door and as soon as the candy was in his bag, he would say, "Another door, please!" 
Luke was a good sport to have a hat that kept falling over his eyes.  
After trick-or-treating, we enjoyed some chili with the Matthews.  Rivs and Sam went through their candy and watched How to Train your Dragon in honor of Rivers' costume.  What a magical night! 

P.S.  Thanks for these great pics, Melanie.