Monday, January 22, 2007

Phoenix trip

Over the weekend we took a trip to Phoenix. We were able to spend time with her cousins Jared and his family. We even go to try out our parenting skills at the playground. We stayed with her other cousin Brad and his wife Ashley and they were really cool. On Sunday we visited one of my friends and went to church with her and her husband. Then we drove back to LA.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Baby Pictures

My sister Wendy is kind enough to put together a wedding video for us, so Cheyn and her friends and family have been sorting, scanning, and mailing some of her baby and growing up pictures. Here are a few that I especially enjoyed and thought you might too. That trademark smile started early, and look at that hair!

Hub's in Utah

This picture is such a classic, I just had to post it on our blog. My roommate is out of town, up at the festivals in Utah (LDS, Slamdance, and Sundance). It's fun tracking him online, and we're proud of him. Here are some links to articles about his movie American Fork in Slamdance. I'll post anything of interest as it comes up here.,1249,650224775,00.html

Hubs is such a nice guy. He did all my dishes in the sink right before he left.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Ryan and I tried to take engagement pics this weekend. I say "tried" because we weren't very successful. It was a windy cold day and even more cold and windy at the beach where we tried to take pictures. We thought it would be cute to have pictures on the Santa Monica Pier ferris wheel. Instead, all the pictures were of Ryan eating my hair. We tried again today around the temple. Hopefully we will have a keeper. Ryan is sick and tired of posing for pics. Luckily, he gets 2 months until his picture marathon on March 9th.