Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fall is Here!

Every year I post about the upcoming football season for BYU, this year is no different. This is going to be a great year to watch as a fan. BYU starts their first year of independence with an established QB, and a lot of talent, and an invigorated coaching staff. Also they have a contract with ESPN and BYUTV so it will be easy to see them play on TV.

Last year I predicted 9-10 wins and was wrong. Usually I am within a game or two, but last year the wheels fell off. Lots of injuries and some flaws in coaching became apparent during the season. A demoralizing loss at Utah State, a last minute loss to Utah, and 4 other losses led to a 7-6 season. The Cougs rallied near the end and won their bowl game.

This is how I see it this year:

I think the team will be strong almost everywhere, except for the Defensive secondary. Their is an established leader and this team is young but talented. This year they will show sparks of greatness. The Offense will be fun to watch and the defensive line will be fierce. I divide the games up into three categories:

Games BYU will not be favored in:
Texas, TCU

I wouldn't be surprised if BYU beats one of the Texas teams, but expecting victories over both talented programs on the road is too much to ask. 1-1

Games that will be competitive:
Ole Miss, Utah, UCF, Oregon State, Hawaii. BYU will kill Utah at home this year. I'm a little worried about Ole Miss and Oregon State on the road. I expect 4-1 from this group.

Games BYU will win in their sleep:
San Jose State, Utah State, New Mexico State, Idaho state, Idaho. These games will be put away by half time, especially the revenge game against Utah State.5-0

So a fun season to look forward too. I'm calling for a ten win season and a bowl victory. This year we'll be at the Utah State game and the TCU game in Dallas. Cant wait.

Go Cougars!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hook 'em horns

Ryan had a conference in Texas and we wanted to tag along and fight the 108 degree weather. We flew into Dallas/Fort Worth and had a wonderful time with Kari, Shaun and Olivia. Kari is going to have baby Owen any day now.

We spent our days in the pool, going on trips to Target and Petco (equivalent of a zoo for Sam), and taking naps.

It was a real treat to see Evan, Mary and Jack Rowley. We were great friends in Los Angeles and Mary was also 39 weeks pregnant. What an exciting time to be days away from an addition to their family. We had a wonderful time reminiscing and catching up.

Here is a picture of Jack and Sam; two blonde buddies.

We also got a quick trip to Austin, where we ate at the Salt Lick

and saw the bats take off at dusk from under the bridge.

Sam showed his Texas pride.

On the last day, we got to spend time with the Buchanans. They were one of our favorite families while we lived in Raleigh and have just moved to Texas. We had both Alisa and Aiden in our primary classes. They are growing too fast!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Quick trip

We had a great trip to Utah. We had a wonderful time with the Hills.

Elisabeth and Emilie babysat Sam and dressed him up like a girl. Wendy used to do the same thing to Ryan. Yes, he has on blush.
He still acted like a boy and went straight for the water.
Hair-do #2
Dancing with the Wii
Kazie and Craig came for 24th of July
Fireworks and sparklers
Kazie with Emilie and Elisabeth

We got to see the house they made that is
identical to the house on UP.
Time with Grandma Lindgren….peek-a-boo
We got to see my old patient, Josh, and his darling family. I took care of him when he was 14 and now he is a DAD!
We also got to spend time with Steph and Greg.
Time with Grandma and Grandpa Lindgren

We also got to see my family (Mimzy, PopPop, Bick, Poppy) and went to Cherry Hill with Anne, Hannah, and Isaac. Wish we took pictures. It all went by too fast!